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Initially, I was just going to make a few to give as presents. Then everyone wanted one and I became hooked. I love the array of colors, textures and the spontaneous creativity that goes into each piece. When they move out of my hands and on to someone else they take on a life of their own.
So enjoy and thank you! ! ! !


I try to use something new and unique In every piece, so that no two items are alike.
My inventory now includes pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings and I am continuously searching for new designs.

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The truth is that this is an addiction that got out of hand!
I started with platters and bowls made of glass and then molded, but it became too expensive,
so I turned to smaller pieces.


Each work is individually designed and crafted using an assortment of dichroic glass,
24 karat gold, silver wire and enamel stencils. The glass is selected for color and texture, shaped to design, kiln heated to 1500 degrees and then polished.





To download an application to show your work at the ArtWalk click here: application.pdf

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