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Any algae pressing is necessarily an abstraction, a two-dimensional, fixed representation of what had been a vibrantly moving, three-dimensional original. What I most often want to do is help the viewer imagine that three-dimensional structure gracefully swaying in the waves.


Often, viewers ask if these really are paintings or prints. They are not. They are the actual seaweeds, pressed and dried on archival paper.

Ultimately, I hope my pressings will inspire people to look closely at the beauty and diversity of life on our shores, and to protect that diversity.

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After a scientific career at the UCD Bodega Marine Laboratory, I now take a more artistic approach, pressing marine algae specimens to capture and share the diversity of colors, textures and architecture represented in the spectacular seaweeds of the Sonoma Coast.


On other pieces it is the abstraction itself that I find most interesting, transforming the soft, moving algae into something akin to a monochrome print or painting, creating a dramatic pose or showing the exquisite symmetry of fine structure that can be overlooked in the mass of seaweed covering the intertidal rocks.





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