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Liz Stafford painting

Thrilled by the rich, vibrant colors of dry pastels,
she took classes from
Elizabeth Ryder Sutton
and Katherine Plank.
A wrist injury steered her towards oil pastels where she discovered a wonderful luminosity. Now she is experimenting with acrylics, expressing rich color
in that medium.

Liz Stafford art

Liz feels a deep
connection with nature;
most of her paintings and prints are landscapes.
Her hope is to share the connection and wonder
she finds in nature
through her art.

Liz Stafford painting

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In 1996 Liz retired from teaching and moved to Salmon Creek, where she began to concentrate on her life-long interests in lino-cut printing and painting.

Liz Stafford painting

Another passion of Liz’ is Southwest art, especially early native American petroglyphs and pottery. Some of her paintings reflect these influences. Just for fun, Liz took a one day course in gourd decorating and fell in love with painting on gourds, finding it interesting to work in 3 dimensions.

Liz Stafford gourd


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