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Oil Painting


I also like to create pieces which are not realistic, as the mermaids or the skeletons (Catrinas).

Oil Painting

My figurines are made in four steps:

1. They are modeled from clay.
2. They dry for several days.
3. They bake in an electric kiln for 10 hours.
4. I paint them with acrylic paint.

Oil Painting

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My art, my figurines, are based on various sugnificant people. One of these is the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

Oil Painting

When I'm working, I create from my imagination and the result always surprises me. It's amazing how a piece of clay can turn into a work of art.

Oil Painting

To work with clay connects me with life. The sculptures reflect my life and my expression or force as an artist.


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