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My options are many. Using clay through the raku firing process: a combination of colorful glazes, intense and rapid firing and a post-fire cooling/smoking, I can create pieces ranging from shiny metallic to multi-colored matte finishes. For more natural colors, bisque fired clay is left unglazedand placed into a pit where pieces are intermingled with copper carbonate, seaweed, and other natural materials; covered with wood and fired for several hours. The swirling fumes from the firing create patterns of movement and color that turns each piece into a rainbow of colors.

The Lady

If you savor lifelong learning, art provides a challenge that benefits body and mind. Grandma Moses painted her fantasies; I am sculpting mine.

Square vase

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Upon retirement from a career in education, I returned to school to study ceramics. This move was the beginning of a second career that has enriched my life.


My sculptures come to life based on their abstract creativity. When clay is incorporated, I fire pieces with various glazes which tweak the imagination with their color and texture. The larger pieces are based on building armatures of metal which is covered with cement or darjit, to sculpt the figures. Then I incorporate wood, metal, fabric, feathers and a myriad of things that enhance the fantasy of each pieceinto a sculpture depicting birds, animals, people, totems, or other objects. It is all part of the creative process.




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